What’s it all about?


StockCG is the first Built-in online 3D stock exchange tool. An innovative tool that offers a  Pipeline Project manager and an online assets marketplace combined to one application for autodesk Maya, StockCG is unlike anything else in this market. Something like a hybrid between turbosquid and instagram on a Maya os.

What are assets?


For us, Assets are more than just models, they are a veritable database of knowledge, a reference base. Our assets categories include Models, Rigging, FX, plugins,Animations, Rendering Setups and shaders(via Shadermonger.com). We stride for educational value as well as production value, encouraging our users to share/sell their test files and experiments as assets worth learning from as well as Commercial assets.

Sales And Market


Our credits system creates a unique environment to manage and trade assets at their full value costs. With our tool, the artists comes first, which means s/he receives 100% Value for her/his work!

Upon sale, artists get 100% value for purchased files by allowing them to use their accumulated credits for purchasing other assets at 1:1 credit ratio, or they can choose to cash out with real money upon reaching a minimum of  100 credits at 85% ratio sale proceeds directly to their paypal account.

Personal and Private Zone

Artists can also upload asset files to their private storage space on our cloud based library,and use it as a backup utility, something like dropbox/Gdrive but for assets in maya.

Project Managing done simple


Our Maya client application offers a tool that would enable every Maya user or studio to manage projects in an extremely efficient way, with thumbnail views, version controlled files, personalized notes,playblsats, and valuable information for each and every file using our extremely easy interface.

Share with Friends

Users can view their friends assets with ease using the “my freinds” shortcut menu as well as comment and review each others files with the tools’ built-in commenting system either directly within Maya or on the website.

Final Words

We believe 3D Artists in this field are always eager and curios to check out new and interesting assets, learn new approaches to 3D wizardry ,and with the daily workflow it will be an indispensable tool for every 3D artist or studio both amateurs/beginners and pros. Compatibility: Mac OSX, Linux ,Maya | Maya 2014 64 bit 32 bit