StockCG’s Social assets application for Maya

What is StockCG all about ? 



How it works

  1. Download StockCG application for maya.
  2. Register a user ID .
  3. Launch StockCG ,Catalog your files.
  4. Right click asset and press upload to StockCg.
  5. Fill in details and set the price tag on your asset
  6. Press the Upload Button.

*Manage and edit your files from “My online Files” Menu.


  • No activation fees.
  • Royalty rate of 85%
  • Cashout on 100 credits or more.

Few of the file browser’s features:

  • Instant access to hundreds of  Asset files within the Maya interface.
  • Work with colleagues remotely over local network or dropbox/gDrive.
  • Automatic upload/downloads textures support.
  • Download and open assets directly in maya within the UI.
  • Manage you’r project’s files visually
  • Version controlled files.
  • Create thumbnail views from active viewport and Render view.
  • Playblasts for each Version.
  • Place notes and see valuable file information.
  • Backup Private important files on the cloud.
  • and much more…