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Currently the Auto-updater has a know bug, in order to update to the latest version, press the “Update” button BOTH times prompted and restart Maya. My apologies for the inconvenience, that will be fixed in upcoming versions.

Instructions videos:

First time opening StockCG

Basics of saving files and playblasts

How do i submit an asset to

*Uploading files as “Private files” requires Credits.

Sharing playblasts,images,scene files


How do I get paid, when and how much ?


Once a month an overall check of all accounts is performed automatically and artists reaching their desired cashout threshold will get paid directly to their paypal account. When you sell your assets with us ,upon reaching a 100 credits you’l be able  to cash out and get 85% Value per Credits earned.  You can also change your cash out threshold at the “Cash out panel” under “My account” and leave credits in your Credits balance for further purchases as you see fit.

If you disable the Cashout feature, you can use your credits at a 1:1 ratio for making new Purchases and download new items.

How does the main menu work?


The menu will always “remember” where you were with your previous selection, meaning if you have similiar directory structures, the menu will stay fixed on any similar folders until you make a different selection.
This is especially useful when switching between subdirectories or projects with the same dir structures pattern.

The Main menu has 2 modes:

Select between modes in the Preferences Menu at the top of the application.

1.Auto expand directories – Auto expand means the menu will look for any directory structure patterns ,select and  display the first folder for each folder and the contents of the last directory. this is useful when exploring different projects types, or just to save time when you have many subdirs.

2.Noraml mode – Basic mode that allows you to “dig” to your directories manually.

How to View Shader assets?

Scroll down to on the “content website” menu under assets cloud.

if you have issues with that just try it again.



What are Levels

Levels are your uploading amount rank

0 uploads=Leech Level, basically means you are just a downloader and not an uploader.

1-14 uploads=Junior Level

15-29 uploads=Mid Level

30-49 uploads=Pro Level

50-79 uploads=Pro Expert Level

more then 80 Uploads=Insane Level

Participation in contests would be conditioned to certain levels.

What to do if I’m missing a Shelf button

Type this into a python script panel and drag middle click to shelf.

from StockCG_App import *