Hi CG stockers,
I’m happy to announce the release of Version 1.7.1 which has a few changes and add-on’s:


1.WIP -‘Approve/send playblasts‘ Share playblasts to colleagues feature added. automatically convert any sized playblast to mp4 for easy sharing on mobile devices. Files are privately stored and can be viewed on the WIP dashboard along with clips shared with you by your friends.




2.Playblasts -Latest playblasts files are now saved in the images folder as well as in the backup (incremental) Directory.

3.Insert texture as IBL added to the Google image search.

4.’Export scene to SketchFab’  New feature under the edit menu. Insert your private sketchfab API KEY (under preferences menu) to export current scenes with ease and enable Private editing of your 3d model preview. These export will not get published on stockCG unless you are uploading new assets and choosing the ‘Sketchfab embed’ check-box.Sketchfab