So ,I thought i’d let you in on a few Key features in StockCG Pro that should be released quite soon. But before that, a peak to a new feature under the FREE version:

I’ve finally gotten around to Combine Shadermonger , my first community utility created for Autodesk’s Maya back  in 2011 with StockCG. Shadermonger has over 2000 users so far, and is has been a very useful tool for many artists worldwide. Once this transition is done, all SM’s users will be united with StockCG users.

Here is a screencapture of the work in progress.

Now for a Sneak peak into StockCG Pro:  Happy to Introduce the Media viewer :

A fully blown Media viewer supporting 19 file formats (including DPX,EXR,AVI,MOV,MP4,TIFF,HDR,PIC,SGI,PNG  and more). This little vixen will display your file sequneces easily and convert them to mp4 or avi with one mouse click for easy sharing with your online contacts.

Bookmark your local Library directories for easy access and while inserting them as IBL,image plane, texture etc, it will automatically copy them to your “sourceimages” folder, making your work a lot more intuitive.

Many more features in there, but ill let you wait for the official press release. Meanwhile heres another screen capture:


 A release is soon to come. Sign up now to stay tuned.