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Brillstudio VFX, aka former MPC and Rainmaker TD and Shadermonger developer Nadav Brill, has launched StockCG, a cloud-based marketplace for Maya assets with a file browser that integrates directly into the software.

More than just models
The StockCG website provides most of the standard features of an online marketplace, including the options to browse assets by category or search by keyword, and leave feedback on quality.

What’s more unusual is the type of content on offer, which includes not just stock models, but rigs, animations, FX and lighting set-ups, and plugins.

Browse or buy directly inside Maya
Another unusual feature is the free Stock CG asset browser plugin, which enables users to preview assets directly inside Maya, including the option to Playblast animated content.

According to Brill, the aim is to “avoid the unnecessary hassles of unzipping, repathing texture files [and so on].”

Once selected, assets can also be purchased directly inside Maya. Vendors receive 50% of the proceeds from each sale; or can choose to convert the entire value into credits with which to buy other users’ content.

The system also includes social networking facilities, including the option to add friends via the website, then access their galleries directly inside the app, and follow their latest posts.

Still early in development
StockCG is still in “early beta”, so the content available in the marketplace is still limited, and there are a number of rough edges to the site itself.

Still, it’s an interesting concept, and one that could potentially remove some of the headaches with browsing and installing CG assets, particularly in industry sectors like pre-viz that rely heavily on stock content.


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