Lester Banks posts our press release, very nicely put.

“With the successful launch of StockCG, a free project manager and online assets market tool that is embedded into Autodesk Maya, the built-in stock exchange tool has been adopted by several colleges and universities and business alike. Recently StockCG has seen a significant update to version 1.5 representing a major release of StockCG V.1.5 website and App with a ton of new Features and website improvements.

StockCG is the first Built-in online 3D stock exchange tool

StockCG offers a novel approach to a tool that is a little more than convenience, centering around the asset right within Maya, allowing you to manage projects, assets, and now with the update, create a user driven pro folio with an instagram-like ability to send renders from Maya to your StockCG portfolio.


StockCG installation @ Bezalel academy for arts, Jerusalem.

StockCG installation @ Bezalel academy for arts, Jerusalem.


Main Application additions are :

  • Finally, released an installer for maya 2014 for max OSX & LINUX. .
  • New portfolio section for users with an instagram-like ability to shoot off renders directly from maya to your user portfolio. but not only, images can be uploaded now VIA the website as well.
  • SketchFab auto embedded into new assets pages. no need for users to have a SF account.
  • Google image search inside the app enables artists to instantly add backgrounds, textures or create materials from texture with a single click as well as look for references images easily.
  • Many sharing assets with freinds options enhanced and improved. Artists can now share their private files with friends or random emails very easily.

StockCG can automatically embed a SketchFab viewer into the assets page, allow you to perform a google image search right within Maya, upload or share assets with friends, or into the marketplace, and allow you to track how your asset is doing. You can learn more about¬†StockCG¬†here.”