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Hi Stockers,

After some interest in the ply importer tool which was originally created as a module for StockCG, I’ve decided to put it up for sale as a stand alone script on the store here for anyone Read more…

So ,I thought i’d let you in on a few Key features in StockCG Pro that should be released quite soon. But before that, a peak to a new feature under the FREE version:

I’ve finally gotten around to Combine Shadermonger , my first community utility created for Autodesk’s Maya back  in 2011 with StockCG. Shadermonger has over 2000 users so far, and is has been a very useful tool for many artists worldwide. Once this transition is done, all SM’s users will be united with StockCG users.

Here is a screencapture of the work in progress.

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Hi CG stockers,
I’m happy to announce the release of Version 1.7.1 which has a few changes and add-on’s:


1.WIP -‘Approve/send playblasts‘ Share playblasts to colleagues feature added. automatically convert any sized playblast to mp4 for easy sharing on mobile devices. Files are privately stored and can be viewed on the WIP dashboard along with clips shared with you by your friends.

sendplayblast3 Read more…

December 13, 2013
3d total Newspress

 Press release on

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We are proud to announce that shortly after submitting our app to the Autodesk Exchange store, our app entered the most downloaded section and at the top of multiple categories.

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Lester Banks posts our press release, very nicely put.

“With the successful launch of StockCG, a free project manager and online assets market tool that is embedded into Autodesk Maya, the built-in stock exchange tool has been adopted by several colleges and universities and business alike. Recently StockCG has seen a significant update to version 1.5 representing a major release of StockCG V.1.5 website and App with a ton of new Features and website improvements. Read more…

With this last update of StockCG  v.1.5, a world of  new and cool features added.

  • 3D Gallery User Portfolio section added  (Instamaya) 
  • Instagram like sharing option directly from maya’s render view allows for quick and easy uploading of renders to your Online portfolio for feedbacks and more.
    • instamaya
    • gallery
  • SketchFab AutoEmbed.

November 23, 2013
Welcome to our new Blog

Hi Cg Stockers,
Welcome to our new Blog!

We’ll be posting updates and new feature notices here along with press releases and challenges, so make sure you come visit us often and get the news as they happen.

After a long wait, we are happy to announce the installer version for Mac OSX and Linux.

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Posted by Jim Thacker on


Brillstudio VFX, aka former MPC and Rainmaker TD and Shadermonger developer Nadav Brill, has launched StockCG, a cloud-based marketplace for Maya assets with a file browser that integrates directly into the software.

More than just models Read more…