Posted November 5, 2013 in Rigging
Batman Rig v2.0
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File Size: 28.4 MB| Maya Version: 2013 x64 | Please Purchase Credits or log-in


This cartoony Batman rig is made in maya 2013. The rig is custom and will let you animate all the squash and stretch on the character. The rig comes with weapons such as smoke grenades, batarangs, grapple gun and a gas cowl. Textures are in the JPEG format. The zip files comes with a project folder, so please set the project for the textures to show. Character set is included in the scene.
Features of the rig:
1. IK-FK spine that allows you to squash and stretch
2. IK-FK stretch arms and legs
3. Intuitive finger control system for the entire hand as well as individual digits
4. Accessories include a grapple gun, 2 batarangs, 2 animatable smoke grenades and a gas cowl
5. Detailed cape controls to allow you to reshape the cape easily
6. Cape also wraps around the body of the character
7. Blendshapes are not deleted so you can edit them (and add more) if you want
8. Model is fully UV unwrapped, textured and comes with edited materials
9. Detailed facial setup includes presets in the form of boxes, and on-face sliders for tweaking of the expression
10. Character set (along with sub-character sets for the body and the face) is added to allow ease of animation
11. Character can be scaled up or down
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